I thought i would do a quick guide to the colour palette that’s coming this autumn as seen by the colour specialists Pantone. The colours are so gorgeous and they are all dropping right now.

There are some beautiful reds out there - the first two are mandarin and samba. Mandarin has a lovely orange tone to it and samba is much richer. The rock and roll jumper in red fits the mandarin bill perfectly and makes denim ping! Try this basic sweat for a beautiful rich red. Rock and Roll jumper £49.99, basic sweat £24.99.



The true blue is a rich shade that compliments the orange perfectly. Try the orange from the flo range.

Military olive is one of my favourite colours ever - I’m so pleased that it’s in this season! It goes with so many cool colours especially brights and neutrals. This fabulous tunic sums up the colour perfectly, £34.99.

I love a strong blue - this leopard print jumper is a great example of a fabulous use, with it’s leopard print in orange it really zings. Not for the faint hearted, it makes a serious impact!!

There are lots of tawny and henna shades out there - tawny looks great with denim and white , and you can mix the henna with shades of beiges for a rich look. Love this sweatshirt - a fabulous colour, especially on blondes.


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