I don’t know about you but I used to always get disappointed when I would excitedly try on something I loved in the changing room only to realise that it would always look awful on me because it didn’t fit me properly. I would often buy it anyway hoping that l would suddenly look great in it... It took me a long time to realise that it was actually my shape plus the clothes that was the problem and not that I was ‘fat’ or my body was the ‘wrong’ shape.

Unfortunately that’s the problem with fast fashion - you don’t have a version of an item for each type! Once l realised that you should wear what suits you, things got a little here is my first body shape - the pear. Of course you must remember we’re not an exact science so are often in the middle of two different shapes, and each shape has it’s variants but it’s just a rough guide!

The pear.

this shape generally has a very slim upper body, a smaller chest and waist and a larger bottom. The heaviest area tends to be the bum and thighs so you should concentrate on accentuating your upper body.

this can be done easily with the amount of pretty tops around. Although large sleeves are in at the moment they would only work if you’re top was fitted to show off your slim upper body but not if your top is baggy too as it would make you look larger.

A high waisted trouser is good that you can tuck a top into accentuating your slim waist. Skinnies aren’t the best shape for the pear, a wide leg or a long flare is the best, elongating your legs and giving you a great silhouette. Remember to wear darker plain colours on your bottom half and brighter/ patterns on your top half. I always think a high neck with bare shoulders looks great on a pear shape - sexy and eye catching. Long necklaces also add length and detail to your upper body drawing your eye.

Another rule to remember is to stay away from things like gathered waists, pleats and pockets - they will all add bulk to your hips.

I always think a wrap over dress with an a-line flowing skirt looks good on a pear shape. It accentuates your slim upper body while flowing over your hips and bum drawing away your eye. Don’t forget to add some gorgeous shoes so that the eye will skim your hips and be drawn towards the floor!! 

Hope these few pointers help you make your clothes choices a little easier!

Here are a few examples.

A fabulous shape for a pear, this dress flows in all the right places giving you a waist and covering up your hips and bum!! £34.99


Polka dot dress, crosses over at the waist. Looks great with a long necklace too. £45.00


Flared trousers with a tailored waist, coupled with a fabulous eye catching top!! Top £30, trousers £30

Beautiful cross over dress - so eye catching it will definitely distract the eye!! £34.50


Fabulous patterned racer back top, draws the eye to your wonderful shoulders! £29.99

flamenco skirt accentuates the waist and flows over the hips. Even though this is patterned, its sexy frill shows off your legs so if they’re looking good, go for it!! £44.99

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