What will you be wearing this Christmas?

Hi lovelies, hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Well where do I start? This Christmas - it seems like we’re hurtling still towards a complete unknown... what on earth are we going to be doing?

I’ve changed my mind so many times about what I should wear for Christmas Day - whether to go casual or dressed up but I guess it all depends on your own family traditions and plans!!

So here are a few ideas...

For Christmas morning I usually stay in my pj’s but this year I’m going to wear this years most popular item - yes you’ve guessed it, the jogger!! My leopard print joggers will be coming out with a nice sweat. These joggers have seen many ladies through many a dark day in lockdown so it would be rude not to wear them on Christmas Day!

I think as I’ve not been out in soooo long I’m going to wear a dress for lunch. My family (being Italian) always dressed up for Christmas  day - best clothes best jewellery etc so I like to keep on that tradition. Therefore i will wearing my gorgeous new Y.A.S dress. It’s so pretty and happy and I loves the smocking shape. Got to have something to cheer us up! There are some gorgeous alternatives though here at moo. The pretty lilac dress by Y.A.S is perfect as it’s super streatchy and in lovely seersucker fabric making it really comfortable once you’ve had a plateful!!  If you only do trousers you could go for the cute traffic people velvet polo top worn with velvet flares or wear the trousers with a pretty crossover top. There are party shimmer leggings, lace tops and wax reptile skinny jeans if you want to wear something more casual. I think a lot of people will go for a more casual look this year and do jeans with a nice jumper or top. You can team that look up with your perfect killer heels.

if you fancy an after dinner walk we have some gorgeous jumpers, cardigans and coats to wear too. 

Make this Christmas as bright sparkly and happy as you can- we certainly all deserve to have a nice day!!

                                     Joggers, £24.99

Dress £75, top £15, bag £76.99 and dress £45.

Shirt £22, leggings £48.99, clutch £22, polo top £30, lace top £5, necklace £22.50



Some ideas for your walk! From top left to bottom -leopard coat,£79.99, magic trousers,£39.99

stripy jumper £44.99, flo jumper £44.99 sia coat £60 and scarf £14.99.

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