So as I was munching through a piece of Soreen malt loaf (first time I’ve eaten it for years, lockdown does weird things), I got to thinking about my relationship with food, clothes, wellbeing etc - all the stuff that we seem to go through on a daily basis as women especially when we are trying to lose weight (which I am now trying to do!)

It’s hard when you want to lose weight and you’re faced with a wardrobe full of clothes, half of which you haven’t worn in years. Wardrobes tend to hold so much emotional baggage - firstly there are the clothes that I bought when I was having a thin phase. I like to hold onto these as I want to fit into them again!  These items however just make me feel inadequate, and remind me of a time that I felt happier about myself.....then there are the items that I wore when I was bigger - rather than making me feel better about myself they remind me of a time that I felt more self conscious and wished to be more invisible.

I feel that the majority of my wardrobe should fit the here and now.

Don’t get me wrong there are always going to be clothes that are a bit on the small side or the big side but as we start coming out of lockdown we want to feel comfortable and confident.

If we’re trying to lose weight we should have at least a couple of outfits that make us feel confident and that are easy to wear - they will give us the motivation to continue on our journey as they will make us feel better. Maybe items that are loose fitting in style so that you can always feel comfortable, for instance a pretty tunic dress or a nice floaty top - something you can wear loose, tucked in or belted up (when you feel you can).

They will also still fit you when you get to your desired weight. If you tell yourself you can only buy clothes when you get to a certain size you are telling yourself that you are not worthy unless you reach that size - this will of course have a knock on effect on your self esteem.

Remember you are beautiful whatever your size and shape is so make the most of it. Look for colours that brighten your skin and clothes that flatter your shape. V necks and lower necklines will make you feel more feminine too, and if you really don’t want to get a new outfit, get some new accessories! 

Accepting yourself is hard, but it will give you the confidence and motivation to achieve your goals.

I hope this helps anyone who feels like I do at moment! I’m off to clear out that wardrobe and try on some confidence boosting outfits 💕

Bye for now!!


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