Introducing the amazing Lex....singer and model.

Introducing the amazing Lex....singer and model.

Here’s a little blog about Lexi - our local girl has been modelling all over the world and flying the flag for larger girls. She has also just released her very first single, Sample Size.  We are very proud that she is modelling some of our clothes - showing us how beautiful we can be regardless of our dimensions! ( check her out on our header.)

Here is Lexi in her own words...

Hi I’m Lexi a very nearly 15 year old singer/songwriter and accidental plus size model from Hertfordshire.

Everyone always asks me how long I’ve been singing and my honest answer is as long as I can remember! I started having singing lessons on my 5th birthday and my love for singing just gets bigger and bigger. I am also songwriting now and have nearly finished writing my first EP with an amazing multi platinum producer called Darren Martyn.

Singing is how I got to be a plus size model as I was asked to sing for Mini Mode Kids London Fashion Week and when I got there they had nothing to fit me so designers took notice and asked me to model for them going forward.This lead to me being asked to be a brand ambassador for haute couture designer Lulu Et Gigi and with them I have been lucky enough to walk the runways in London, Paris, LA and New York.

Having been severely bullied for my weight when I was younger I see the modelling as an opportunity to show other young people like me that anything is possible and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I hope the fashion industry wakes up and realises the impact on mental health when all they show are slim and beautiful models who are airbrushed to’s not real and we shouldn’t have to look like that to be successful and accepted.

I hope I can be a positive role model for my generation and show it’s not what you look like but also your attitude, personality, and how hard you are prepared to work to achieve your goals.

Massive thanks to Moo Boutique Tring for supporting me and gifting me some really beautiful clothes. I get offered lots of brands collaborations but would only ever work with a brand I believe in and Moos clothes are stunning and amazing quality too.

Big Hugs,

LEX xxxx


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