Hey guys, how are we all doing? I’ve lost count of weeks, have no idea what day it is, and the cabin fever is setting in, but apart from that all is good. We’re all healthy, and that is the main thing.

So how are we all dressing ? I seem to be living in my skinny jeans as they are so comfortable and currently stopping me from eating us out of house and home (!), but I’m also wearing a lot of joggers. This is ok as A they are comfortable and B they have drawstring waists which is a trend for the summer, thank goodness!!




I am also wearing a lot of vest tops - layers are good especially as you should be exercising..... I find having to get changed to do different activities leads me to not bothering ( can’t believe how quickly you can become lazy!) so vest tops are a good staple. A friend of mine treated herself to a nice cami as she lives in a flat and it gets very hot, and she just wanted to wear something pretty! A very good idea, as it also gives you a luxurious feel.

Top left, skirt £10 - super soft, drawstring waist, with a side split  - casual and smart at the same time. 

Top right - gorgeous dusky rose cami, £17.50 with lace trim and cropped joggers £13.50 ( I like to mix super casual with a smarter look and both these items are gorgeous to touch in different ways)

Bottom left - lace trimmed cami £15.00,  Olia Nellie disc spinner necklace £25.00 -so pretty!

Bottom right toxic skinny jeans £39.99. Stretchy and super comfy.

Of course you can’t beat a nice jumpsuit - these 2 are perfect for lockdown - easy to wear, one item and you’re dressed!

Left - blue jumpsuit, £29.99 elasticated bottoms on the legs, and a drawstring waist gives it a cool vibe.

Right - love these stripes! Loose wide legged with a side zip fastening, £36.00.

I think it’s also nice to dress up for the odd zoom party or dinner. Always with something comfortable though, otherwise you’re trapped indoors feeling bloated!! Maybe wear some nice footwear too.

Top left - Amuse Society top £18 and Toxik jeans £39.99. Love this top, so pretty .Wear it with jeans or smart trousers.

Top right - Postcard dress £16.99. Super soft and stretchy a winner all round.

Bottom left -Just Female crossover dress £34.50. Gorgeous colour, light and floaty but lined. A beautiful piece.

Bottom right -  top by Saint Tropez with lace insert £20. With its gorgeous neckline and silk mix, it feels lovely on.

 I think the main thing to retain sanity is to get changed in the morning rather than lounge around in your pjs (unless you’re having a lazy day of course) because you will start the day in a better frame of mind. if you’re working make sure you wear comfortable work clothes - it will put you in the right place for what you’re doing especially if you’re taking work calls. it also means it’s less of a shock when you have to leave the house!!


Top left - shirt by just female £25.50, trousers by Saint Tropez £18.Gorgeous shirt with a drawstring waist. Wear loose or bottomed up high. Love these trousers - silky with a drawstring waist they are casual chic.

Top right - shirt by YAS £45, trousers as above .This shirt is a winner - ties at the front and feels amazing.

bottom left  - dress by Traffic People £152. Beautiful blue with a silver thread running through and a delicate leopard print, it has a comfortable smocked waist panel.

Bottom right - dress by Saint Tropez £19.99 top £45. Great vest dress that I’m wearing under the YAS top - makes it look smarter. I’ve added these gorgeous flat sandals from Ravel £43.50.

Finally don’t forget to accessorise - it always makes me feel loads better and like I’ve put on the finishing touches!! 

I hope you are all keeping well and sane - here’s to coming out the other side!!




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