My Christmas Wish List!!!

My Christmas Wish List!!!

So I understand that’s it’s sometimes hard to find things that you like online as gifts, so i have come up with a little list of things that make nice little presents!!

Under and £15

my first point of call will always be jewellery! 

I am a complete magpie when it comes down to it and like nothing better than a nice dress piece of jewellery.  WISH earrings are no 1 on my list. They are all priced at £15 a pair and come in a little gift bag or gift wrapped in a little box! perfection!!

wish,mismatch earrings, £15

 No 2 Look no further than a nice scarf - these cute stripy babies are so much fun, and make a lovely present as they are bright and warm.

no 3 the sale section!! We have some amazing bargains, especially now that Black Friday is here! sizes are a bit limited but there are some beautiful quality items there .. check out YAS - once you’ve tried the brand you won’t regret it!!


all these tops are a fiver!!! Silvian heach tee, saint tropez  tops.


£15 - £30

no 1 Olia’s necklaces. Totally gorgeous, there are some beautiful necklaces based around the £22 mark. I especially love the zodiac ones. The stars are little diamanté’s so they look really sparkly.



no 2 the luxury Pom Pom hat. So soft and beautiful made from a mix of angora sand cashmere, this hat will make you feel special.

no 3  our best seller joggers!! At £24.99 they are a brilliant gift - you can bet 100% they will get worn on Christmas Day at some point!!

no 4 the large clutch. Totally gorgeous bag, looks great with anything. £22

no 5 the sale rail (again).... see below for some ideas!!

£30 - £60

if you’re going to spend a little more, there are many nice items of clothing to buy...

no 1 the  Sia shaggy coat! This fun, super soft cosy coat is only £60!! It comes in many colours and sells like hot cakes.... you will be a Xmas favourite if you buy someone this!

no 2 the ‘amazing day’ hoodie. So cute, so soft and just reduced to £17.50!!

no 3 the ‘dream’ sweat. i love this sweatshirt as it is so soft to touch

Just reduced to £26.99.

No 4 magic PU pants. These s treat by Pu trousers are fabulous - a luxury take on the jogger the colours are beautiful. £39.99

no 5

the Y.A.S jacket. A perfect jacket for warmer winter days this can be dressed up and down. Now £57.00

There are other items that are a little more expensive (including boots) bit l’ll let you discover them for yourselves!!

hope these little ideas help you..... looking forwards to seeing what gifts you choose !!


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