The Apple Shape!
Today I’m going to talk a little about the apple shape. The apple has slim hips and legs and a broader upper body. They have less indentation at the waist and a rounder tummy area.
The first thing I think you should do is show off those lovely pins!! A tunic dress is the best way to do it in the summer - they float down over your upper body and stop above the knee showing off your shapely calves. This tunic is perfect as it has a high waistband but it flows down from it over your middle area. The buttons draw the eye down and the floaty sleeves and lace create distraction. £44.99
A tulip shape dress is also good - this one from masai is knee length and v necked so shows off all your assets while covering up the tummy area. £15

Skinny jeans look good on an apple shape but you should wear a nice pair of shoes to accentuate and draw the eye down to the foot. However bootleg or a small flare are best as they balance you up with your wider upper body. If you like your trousers cropped wear them with a nice anklet to draw the eye down. Jeans,£5!!

You can wear shorts well so make the most of it! Treat yourself to a pair of hotpants and wear them with a loose vest. This tropical vest is perfect - it has a racer back to show off your shoulders and a low neckline. It then floats out covering your middle section, accentuating your shoulders and chest. The perfect outfit for an apple shape!! 
Top £29.99

Draw attention to your chest by wearing V necks and lower can also add some long necklaces and wear floaty sleeves to draw the eye down.  Top £14.99
Don’t wear skirts that have a lot of fabric over the tummy area, so avoid pleats if you can. Better to have something more slimline and a longer top.
another way to minimise your upper body is by wearing a cardigan or open layer so that you can slim down your width drawing your eye to the legs.
It’s also good to break up colour blocks with patterns and layers to distract!!
Hope these little tips help!

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