I’m talking today about the athletic/ rectangular body shape.

This shape has almost the same measurement on their shoulders as the  hips. It doesn’t have so much indentation at the waist but your can accentuate it yourself.

The great thing about this body shape is that you can have fun making it curvier as it suits pretty much anything - that  means you can concentrate on either the top or the bottom half of your body as the focal point.


As your arms tend to be toned and muscular you can make the most of your shoulders by wearing halter necks and high necks that show them off and strapless tops/dresses look fab too.

Structured jackets look great - you can give yourself curves with a fitted waisted jacket..

On your bottom half you can wear pleated skirts and gathered skirts to make your waist look smaller and show off your legs with a short skirt.

it’s good to decide which half you want to accentuate before you decide what to wear and to concentrate on one half of your body.

whatever you do have fun with it as you can wear pretty much anything you can.

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