So today i thought I would write a little about wide legged trousers.

I love a wide legged trouser but I can understand how they can be a bit scary to wear.

Wide trousers can be worn on any shape or height - it’s just getting the right ones.

If you want to lengthen your legs, a flare or wide leg can work very well. You should always wear them with heels though and high on the waist for maximum effect. You also need to wear them long - they should reach past your ankle and down to your toe - adding a few inches to those legs! If you’re comfortable tucking in a top then do that too!

             Jeans £ 32.50 Silvian Heach top £18.00 Amuse Society

If you’re a pear shape make sure you accentuate your waist with a tie front or a nice belt.pear shapes always have enviably slim waists so make the most of them! You can also get away with pockets! This is a perfect top for a pear shape too - fitted with a high neck it shows off your slender arms. As you can see I’m not accentuating my waist as I’m not a pear shape!!

                Top £20 Saint Tropez trousers £30.00 Saint Tropez 

If you want to create more curves, ( if you are a rectangle/athletic shape,) go for a full flare with a high waist.  These trousers have a pleated front which helps with giving you curves.
                     Trousers £33 Anonyme  cami £15 Saint Tropez 

If you are wider at the hips and tummy area you can balance your shape by wearing some on trend puff sleeves - they will widen your shoulders making your hips look smaller. It’s also a good idea not to have pockets as they will sit and often pull on the hips making yours appear bigger.You can cover up that area with a longline vest  that flows out, or a cardi/open shirt left out of your trousers that will Make you appear narrower with the downward vertices lines. This top as it’s slash necked, widens your shoulders too to balance you up. IT’s also very floaty so you can wear it tucked in too.

                   Top £13.50 Haven  trousers £29.99 Just Female 


When I’m feeling a little chunky round and above the waist, but not so bad on the bottom (!) i like to wear high waisted bootleg flared jeans with a nice floaty top tucked in and a belt accentuating the bit underneath my muffin top but hiding the bit above!!

                               Top and jeans as !st photo.


There are different looks you can recreate with a wide legged trouser, but I love wearing wide legged trousers when I want to feel a little retro or  smart - they look cool with a nice shirt or tee and lots of longline necklaces. They also look good with a turtle neck for winter.  Pop on a blazer over them to finish off the look. The cropped wide legged trouser is a more modern look - A little harder to pull off, they look nice with heeled sandals as you want to keep your leg looking long, and a fitted /cropped top to balance your silhouette.

I hope these few tips will get you started on your journey to love wide legged trousers!!

                  Remember it’s all about balance and illusion!!

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